Exterior Window Washing


Vic Home Pros provides a state of the art window cleaning service. Not only do we clean the glass, but also the window sill, frame, and trim.

Professional Window Washing Service

Spotless and Shiny
We will make your glass- windows, decks, skylights, awnings, patios & more- totally spotless and shiny.

Importance of clean
Having a clean home, and especially clean windows, is so important for your state of mind. When you buy our service, you’re not just getting the clean home, you’re getting a higher level of well-being for you and your family. Look out the kitchen window. Imagine how much more serene the experience would be if you had a flawless view of the outdoors. Sun streaming through glass unmarred by blemishes, dirt specks, bird droppings and who knows what else.

Windows + Frames + Sills + Ledges
It doesn’t end there! Not only do take care of the glass; With a complete exterior window cleaning, you get your window frames, sills and and trim scoured and scrubbed as well.

Professional Equipment
By using space age technology (the same that astronauts use), we can totally avoid the use of chemicals and the old, flawed squeegee method for cleaning exterior windows. DI water tanks filter your tap water, turning it into medical-grade water with 0 parts per million of dissolved solids. Using this water and high quality bristle brushes, the windows clean perfectly and dry automatically.

The poles we use can can reach every single window on a residential home, including many that are difficult to reach from ladders.

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