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Why VHP Maintenance?

Simple & Easy

You don’t want to get up on ladders to clean your gutters and windows. Your time is more valuable than that. At the same time, you understand the importance of maintaining your most valuable asset, your home. Vic Home Pros will take care of your home for you with experienced workmanship. Our workers love what they do and take pride in the quality of their work.

Customer Service

Without a doubt, our biggest point of pride is in our customer service. The workers who will clean your home are also trained to be charismatic and proactive in addressing customer concerns. They understand the value of having a positive and helpful attitude. They workers come to the job with the intention of going above and beyond in order to satisfy all client concerns. In addition, our managers also make it their priority to ensure the work and client satisfaction.

High Quality Equipment

After all these years in business, we have come to understand how important it is to have top of the line, well-serviced equipment. A truly fantastic cleaning job depends not only on the skill of the worker, but on the quality of the tools. This is why we have invested in super light-weight carbon-fiber poles, micro-bristle brushes, BE pressure washers, deionization tanks, and much, much more.

Environmentally Sustainable

We are an eco-conscious corporation. The chemicals we use are very mild. We use technology instead of harsh soaps and cleaning agents to get the windows looking perfect. Our contractor bags are 100% compostable. We make sure to source all equipment from reputable companies with a good history of environmental responsibility. All used equipment is recycled.

Read our 5-star reviews on Better Business Bureau, and see why our customers love working with us.

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